A IS FOR APPLE PROJECT looks at the ever-changing world around us by focussing on the apple tree, its history and its cultivation. It questions the systems humans have put into place in relation with nature. The project consists of three stages that are in conversation with each other. The first is three artist residencies across apple farming locations in England that initiate the discovery of different farming systems and the personal stories within them. The second is a panel discussion co-organised with Food Research Collaboration at City University London that considers the importance of art within food research. A is for Apple culminates with an exhibition named CULTIVATE: 7500 Stories at 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning in London. It will bring to light our fantastical, historical, economic, biological, geographical and spiritual relationship with the apple. Through the stories of migration, production, perpetuation and conservation of the apple, the project questions whether the central drivers and systems set up in our society are working collectively and efficiently for the future.