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Resident Artists

Gen Doy

Gen worked as a historian and theorist of visual culture at De Montfort University, Leicester before taking early retirement to study fine art at Central Saint Martins, UAL. She works mostly with sound, incorporating the voice, speech and song, and field recordings into her work. She likes to respond to particular places which are social, culturally or politically interesting in some way, and where possible incorporates elements of live performance into her work. Her works include responses to a disused windmill, a decommissioned lighthouse, and sites where naval and army mutineers were executed, and a medieval Doom painting in Suffolk.

We have chosen to work with her because her work is responsive to specific sites and places of cultural, historical and political interest. She will be doing her residency at Lathcoats Farm and exploring the contemporary apple production, cultivation, and consumption through songwriting. She will be gathering information through speaking to people at the farm and doing field recordings inside the orchards and buildings. The sound piece will resonate with wassailing songs that people used to sing as a folk tradition to ward off evil spirits threatening the apple orchards. 

Visit her personal website here.

Jamie Harper

Jamie is a theatre director, game designer and theatre researcher. He was awarded a Winston Churchill Trust Fellowship to research the merger of games and drama at University of Miami. He has been commissioned by Camden People’s Theatre twice to develop live action role-play games (LARP). He has also presented LARP at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Newcastle. In 2015, he received an Arts Council grant to design People Vs Democracy, a game/drama about power, in partnership with the political campaigning organisation, Article 19 at the Free Word Centre.

We have chosen to work with him because the interdisciplinary and interactive approach of LARP would bring a different perspective in exploring complex systems, reflecting on the world we live in and imagining uncertain futures. He will be doing his residency at Trumpington Community Orchards, which will enable him to gather stories from the community and volunteers to create his LARP and to explain the complex functioning of an apple orchard to the public through the format of a game.

Visit his personal website here.

Lucy Steggals

Lucy is a multimedia artist working with film, photographs, and found objects. In all her projects there is a triangular relationship between the digital/ analogue and the lived experience. Often returning to a point where reality and fiction brush against each other. She has previously had an offsite project with Kettle Yard in Cambridge called Dapple. She has had solo and group shows in England, Europe and USA. ­– notably at BSMT Space in London (2015), Fabrica in Brighton (2014), Elsewhere, North Carolina USA (2007), King’s College London, Tate Modern, Turner Contemporary. 

Her work at our residency will serve in her ongoing research on apples. She will be producing a short film shot in infrared and partly by drone. The effect of the infrared film will be weaved together with audio clips from research and interviews with staff and visitors at the Brogdale Collections, as well as passages about apples from Hope Mirrlees, David Thoreau and John Selborne. The film will be a collage mix of physical, factual, visual, myth and projection. This will become an extension of her work around apples that she began with Kettle’s Yard in 2016 and precursor to a longer film she hopes to make in the Apple Forests of Tian Shan in early 2018.

Visit her personal website here.


Alexandra Sazonova and Chloe Ting are independent curators based in London. They are both graduates of MA Culture, Criticism and Curation at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. They believe that art is vigilant of living conditions and a platform for alternative discourses. They are interested in promoting art that tackles environmental issues in today’s climate including conservation, sustainability, and heritage.

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