Bringing together all the aspects of the project, the summative exhibition CULTIVATE: 7500 Stories at 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning in Herne Hill, London, will showcase artworks by three resident artists and seven other artists based in London to decipher what cultivation of the apple means today through film, photography, sculpture and performance. There are over 7500 varieties of apples. Each variety holds its own individual story and through new connections with people and places, the apple varieties and stories continue to multiply. Looking at these stories from all perspectives, the artworks create a space for people to understand individual relationships with nature and how it nurtures and provides for us. In turn it also questions whether we understand how to maintain and care for the environment. With each work of art, the ten artists interpret different cultural stories present in the apple and its dissemination in the modern world, looking at it as a biological manifestation, as a commodity and a cultural artefact.